The Reef (South Africa)

The Nahoon Reef is gorgeous and always has been. It was no surprise to see beach go-ers enjoying the new season of spring and here are some of the  shots that I captured of a stunning day that had us all longing for the summer and happily kissing the winter goodbye! (well, for now…)

On top of The Reef
The Boardwalk
The rocks
Young hike
This shot is probably one of my favourites. I had previously never gone to this section of the beach and it was quite remote from all the people, ‘wild’ and beautiful. (The shingle also felt nice)


The kind of view that you get at the top
Overlooking the beach


After what felt like a long winter of chilly walks on the beach and piercing wind attacks, I could finally enjoy the warmth of the sun, the different shades of blue in the water, and watching people with happy faces have fun. I would like to humbly consider the walk up the boardwalk a little bit of a hike, so I enjoyed the refreshing exercise too.


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