Burning Wax was once upon a time an idea and then a desire to illustrate the bits and pieces of celebrating the beauty of the journey that is life. Inspired (amongst many other things) by the arts and culture, nature, chasing after dreams, and the pure beauty and complexity of breathing in itself (and, of course, playing with candles).

When one burns wax, it melts and does all sorts of funny things, right? The real fun is when you mix an assortment of colours. Whilst hot, they merge into one rainbow kaleidoscope of colours. What I find extremely fascinating is that as one waits for the wax to cool down (and thus harden) the result is something as follows: beautiful colours merged together and somehow simultaneously bright and beautiful individually.

In the same way, Burning Wax is where the grand array of the kaleidoscope of my experiences, interests, and passions all meet in harmony. This is where fashion meets photography, film meets sports, travel meets education, and so much more. You get the picture, yeah?

And this is where I will hopefully meet you. Because you certainly will get the chance to catch a Burning Wax glimpse of me.


Much love and God Bless,


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